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Lovely Bones - Available 04.31.2021

Coming soon, you can download the all new original song "Lovely Bones" by the songwriter Tensas here at Tall Tale Records! It was written in 2020 during the pandemic, and it was love and death that brought the lyrics life for him that created this emotional story. He sings the opening lyrics "Take these bones, far from home. Far from love, until I'm gone" as a cry out to his love to move on with life, both in this world and the next. This track also features a unique mandolin performance that's driven by both fingerpicking acoustic guitar and bass tracks, all written and performed by Tensas in this acoustic recording!

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About Tensas

Singer / Songwriter

Tensas is a Colorado based songwriter that crafts both his original lyrics and old folk tales into a raw and dark performance. His most recent self-recorded 4 song EP titled “The Sickness” was captured back the spring of 2020 during the 1st week of lockdown and onset of the COVID-19 virus. His musical inspirations go back to his childhood experiences and tales from along the Mississippi delta that continues to drive his own modern style of writing and fingerpicking.

From the Rocky Mountains, down to an old muddy river in Louisiana where the ancient name Tensas [ten-saw] derives, it's those old tales and life experiences from his roots that he continues to meld into his unique lyrics and sound.

Tensas is also known for a variety of other creative collaborations with other writers and bands on past and current projects. From hard hitting singles like “Mary Janes Last Dancec”, to acting in the latest music video for the rock song “Crazy Voices” for the band Oakcrest, he is always delivering a unique approach and style to his music and art. Signup with your email to keep up with his upcoming 2021 singles and album releases here at Tall Tale Records!

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A Special Premiere (02.14.2021)

Crazy Voices (Official Video)

Hear Tensas playing bass and watch him act in this rocking music video collaboration with the band Oakcrest for their original hard rock song "Crazy Voices".

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