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Welcome to the official site for the band Oakcrest! This original act was co-founded in 2009 by who are two brothers from Santa Rosa, California named Tim and Maxx. Originally the band started out writing and performing original rock music in North Carolina offering up an eclectic blend of reggae, punk, metal, blues and other genres that they referred to as "Infusion" at the time, which also became the title of their first full-length album in 2010. 

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The band performed and toured along the East Coast for a few years from 2009-2011 while taking the stage with a variety of notable national acts such as Saving Able and Agent Orange. Even though the band took a short hiatus, both Tim and Maxx have still continued on as songwriters over the years, and they have both written new material, and each individually they released numerous Albums, Singles and EP's as solo-artists as well.

In 2020, the band released the 10th Anniversary edition of the Infusion album that features 2 bonus acoustic tracks. Currently, the brothers have been writing new material for the band and have explored other styles and genres that have helped them shape and create a unique new sound and style for Oakcrest. The band is about to release their next single titled "Breathe" in the spring of 2022 to promote their upcoming full-length album later this year!

Infusion (Remastered 2020)

Infusion / Hard Rock / Reggae

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