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Danny Leroy is a singer-songwriter based in New Zealand who is known for his intricate fingerpicking melodies and captivating storytelling abilities. Before relocating across the ocean in 2020 Danny began his music career in Colorado, where many of his Americana stories were inspired by life along the eastern plains near Yoder. He performed around the Colorado Springs area for many years, and Danny self-recorded his own demos and honed in on his craft that helped him secure a reputation in the local music scene.

He has a reputation for simplicity and minimal living and thoroughly enjoys both his privacy and personal time with his wife and daughters. Many would agree that his choice of lifestyle permits him to focus on, and be "in-tune", with what is most important to him in this world, and that is what makes his music so relatable.

Danny Leroy, Songwriter, New Zealand, Colorado, Tall Tale RecordsImage Credit - Nathan Toner Photography

Once the pandemic hit the USA in early 2020, Danny decided that it was time to record his first album before COVID arrived in the Rockies. It was in late winter last year on the 15th of March, when he recorded the debut album titled "Plainsman's Blues", that was captured on 7 inch tape that day in a cold metal shed. The same day while Danny was recording, the virus had fully arrived in Colorado, and he was informed that all music venues were officially closed and that his upcoming shows were canceled.

A friend and fellow artist who helped as his sound engineer that day said "The level of focus was high and surreal, and Danny was in-the-moment and stayed positive while he nailed 8 beautiful songs on tape".

His debut album will be available digitally on New Years Eve, 2021 and you can pre-order the physical CD that's expect to arrive this Spring, 2022!

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