About the Label

Tall Tale Records is an independent record label located in Woodland Park, Colorado. We are proud to be a non-exclusive record label that provides fair share royalties and services to the bands, artist, and songwriters on our roster.
  • We Value

    Fair Share for Artists
    We believe that it is only fair and advocate for all artists and composers to receive a majority share for the songs that they work hard to write, create and perform. We ensure the artists we work with receives anywhere from 51% - 90% of their earned royalies under our record label!

  • Our Purpose

    Unearth unique artists and help them inspire people around the world with music.

  • The Tall Tale Mission

    To change how independent record labels are perceived in the music industry by giving artists:

    1. Non-exclusive recording agreements
    2. Fair royalty splits
    3. An option to keep the rights to their music!
    4. Artist Stock Options in the Label

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