Tensas' New Album is the Funeral Procession You Didn't Know You Needed

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Artist: Tensas
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 Let the River Speak
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Roots Rock / Folk
Tall Tale Records

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Tensas' New Album is the Funeral Procession You Didn't Know You Needed

Colorado, USA - The first full-band album by Tensas, Let the River Speak, is the funeral procession you didn’t know you needed. This collection of 11 grungy folk-rock tales will carry you down a dark river that flows with internal pain, love, war and death. Tall Tall Records is excited to release this album online this Dec 18th, with the CD formally on sale Dec 30th at his album release show at The Analogue’s record store in Pueblo, Colorado!

This record kicks off by leading you down a dismal and dank path that tells the story of a person struggling to stay above water in a world filled with religion and lies. Let the River Speak is also the title track, first released on his solo-acoustic EP alongside his notable song called The Sickness that both archived his feelings and emotions during the onset of the COVID-19 virus. Recently, the CS Indy Magazine dubbed both his style and sound as “Rocky Mountain Gothic” and they also defined his lyrics in Let the River Speak as “post-pentacostal”. His song The Sickness was also declared an "anthem of 2020 and all it brought" by The Gazette, an award winning news publication. After a few long years filled with surgery, the ongoing pandemic and deaths of both his mother and best friend… Tensas is excited to finally deliver his full-band studio cuts with these 2 songs on the album!

“Let the River Speak is an album that will tantalize your dark senses, ensnare your mind and keep you guessing how it will all end! It's the funeral procession you didn’t know you needed."
-Megan W. (Music Photographer)
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You’ll find a rocking mix of musical stories that this songwriter has written over the years along with newly penned songs like Funeral March, that he drew inspiration from during the onset of the war in Ukraine earlier this year. When asked what inspired him to write about the current war, Tensas said “I am a US Army Veteran and as the crisis with Russia began to escalate, I couldn’t stop thinking about the citizens and people of the Ukraine and their sacrifices and will-to-fight for freedom. So instead of letting my strong feelings and anxiety keep building up inside, I decided to write and record Funeral March to help unleash my anger and emotions as I thought about how people all around the world might also feel towards this war, or any war for that matter.

This album continuously delivers hard hitting folk tales that will teach and remind you that everything is not alright in this world! He’ll take you on a musical journey into the deep-dark-depths of the ocean with his original interpretation of Catfish Blues, offering fresh new verses written by Tensas. Halfway through the album you will find an epic song titled Nothing that features Tim Kranz who co-wrote and performs on vocals, organ and bells alongside Tensas. The pair truly define the phrase “Rocky Mountain Gothic” and all that embodies it in their stunning performances on this track. To follow up this album release, Tensas plans to evolve his live shows by backing his new album with a bigger sound and bandmates behind him to head out on an album tour with a series of new music videos coming in early 2023!

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Artist name pronounced [ten-saw]

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