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Danny Leroy
Plainsman's Blues (Album)
Singer-Songwriter / Americana

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Ghost Drawn by Step Yin Kunau
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New Zealand Songwriters Sings of Murder, Family and the Colorado Plains

The debut album titled "Plainsman's Blues" by Danny Leroy will release on New Year's Eve, 2021. It features the New Zealand based songwriter on what could be some of the first music ever captured on the initial day of the pandemic and lockdown. His alluring voice and delicate approach on the acoustic guitar give these Americana recordings a uniquely timeless sound.

This full length record is released under Tall Tale Records, and offers nearly 44 minutes of music impressively spread across 8 lengthy acoustic fingerpicking tracks. If you like a dark story, then his murder ballad "Elizabeth Johnson" is sure to demand your attention alongside other enlightening tracks like "Hell or High Water" and "Walking". This album also comes with a few special treats like a raw interview track with Danny during the recording of "Junkyard" along with an enchantingly long song called "Saint Paul" that rakes well over 8 minutes, to barely inch past the "Stairway to Heaven' run time.

Danny Leroy, New Zealand, Colorado, Tall Tale Records, Americana
Image Credit - Nathan Toner Photography

Once the pandemic hit the USA in early 2020, Danny decided that it was time to record his first album before COVID arrived in the Rockies. It was in late winter last year on the 15th of March, when he recorded the debut album that was captured on 7 inch tape that day in a cold metal shed. The same day while Danny was recording, the virus had fully arrived in Colorado, and he was informed that all music venues were officially closed and that his upcoming shows were canceled.

A friend and fellow artist who helped as his sound engineer that day stated that "The level of focus was high and surreal, and Danny was in-the-moment and stayed positive while he nailed those 8 beautiful songs on tape." It was shortly after he recorded this album when he decided to relocate across the ocean to New Zealand that he has called his home ever since. His new album will be out worldwide online 12.31.20221, and you can pre-order the physical CD now (available March 2022) from Tall Tale Records! 

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Artist: Danny Leroy
Title: Plainsman's Blues
Label: Tall Tale Records
Release Date: 12.31.2021
UPC Code: 198002813305

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