Consumption (EP) - Press Release

For Immediate Release
October 18th, 2021

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Americana / Traditional Folk

Songwriter Exposes Himself in Song About Addiction

Singer-songwriter, Tensas, unveils his new song and music video titled "Consumption" that was inspired by the traditional folk hit "You Are My Sunshine" and was released October 18th, 2021 by Tall Tale Records. His lyrics tell a different side to the story in an amusing tale that describes a battle between love and addiction. The Colorado based artist is still gaining traction from being one of the first to write and release music about the pandemic in his early 2020 EP titled "The Sickness". His new song, Consumption, expands on the challenges and emotional strain that might lead a person to addiction during uncertain times. He combines acoustic finger-picking with his distinct vocals to create a unique, bluesy-folk, live studio performance.

A familiar tale of moonshine and hard times... When asked why he wrote about moonshine, Tensas stated that "I recall as a young boy hearing stories about my great-grandfather, who would occasionally cook moonshine when times got hard while living on the Tensas River in Louisiana. There are numerous songs about drinking that are either happy or sad, so I decided my drinking ballad should convey both of these emotions".

Tensas, Consumption - Press Use Only

This mini-EP includes a bonus mandolin cover of "You Are My Sunshine" in a sorrowful rendition by the songwriter that also features a new fourth verse that he wrote on the day of the recording. To promote Consumption, Tensas followed up his release with an official music video that visually brings the song to life and exposes the songwriter in ways he never would have imagined!

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Artist: Tensas
Consumption (EP)
 Tall Tale Records
Release Date: 10.18.2021
ISRC Code: GBWUL2120197

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